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FRT Academy is based in London and has an online portal of learning for all our learning community around the world. The Academy delivers award winning structured training in personal development, sporting performance, competitive training, life wellbeing, energetics, mind body spirit anatomy, nutrition, skills training, meditation and much more.

FRT Academy Training



Private Training

Online & Home Learning

One comprehensive curriculum spans all topics for personal resilience, safety and 

wellbeing to sporting achievement and performance advancement.


At FRT Academy we use martial arts and self defence training as vehicles to train the mind, body and emotional system to states of balance and advancement.


We empower the individual with life skils which build confidence, wellness and awareness whilst programming new ways of thinking, foster strategic mindsets, create skills and build leadership attributes.

Corporate Training

We run Corporate Training in all of our subjects from Corporate Self Defence & Security to Corporate Wellbeing, Leadership, Performance and applied athlete training:


  • Workplace Staff Training & Learning

  • Talks

  • Events

  • Retreats

  • Team Building

  • In-house Programmes


Contact us at for prices and to speak to our team. 

Private & Online Learning

Private Training is designed for those who do not have time to attend regular classes:


  • Intensive Training Packages

  • International Training

  • Video Programming

  • Home Programmes

  • Coaching & Mentorship

  • One to One Training


Online Learning is for all and we encourage every member of our community to sign up for our monthly learning. 


To gain access to Online Learning click HOUSE.

Academy Member Reviews

“The training delivered at the Five Rings Training Academy has significantly improved my performance and drive that I have for not only martial arts but for all my sports and physical activities."


"The discipline and determination inculcated by training at Five Rings has made me more confident and determined in my academic studies and helped me accomplish many of my own personal goals." 


"Since I started my training last year, the virtues of self control and endurance have made me significantly more able to deal with life as a student and understand the value of self mastery in order to deal with any situation life throws."


"I am indebted to the Five Rings Training team for the highly professional training that they deliver to everyone, with patience and clarity and for how Five Rings Training has positively cultivated all areas of my life.” 


"Our truly wonderful coaches are genuinely kind and generous people, always available when help is needed, always welcoming newcomers and beginners, and are 100% dedicated to their work."


"Kirsty inspires me and reminds me that you can always do better, push further, there is always progress to be made, and your body and mind can work wonders if you appreciate how they must be trained. I have really learnt the value of hard work, of perseverance, that I apply to other sports and to my academic life thanks to FRT. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have been able to access such high quality training so easily, and wish to pursue as long as possible." 

Integrated training & learning in:


  • Learning & Development

  • Personal Development

  • Sporting Performance

  • Whole Body Health & Wellbeing

  • Mind Body Connectivity

  • Athlete Training & Mentorship

  • Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

  • Physiology & Anatomy

  • Energetics

  • Balancing the System

  • Competitive Psychology

  • Recovery & Stress Management

  • Communications

  • Strategy

  • Mindset Coaching

  • Management & Leadership 

  • Preventative & Responsive Training 

"With the support and professional coaching that I have received from Five Rings Training, my experiences of training have been translated into many aspects of my life and for the better."


FRT Academy Members



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