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Programmes are written in response to the questions and problems brought to us to solve.

Clients can benefit from the work we have already carried out or commision our team on a particular topic to gain bespoke project specific solutions.


The Architecture of The Human System


The Architecture of The Human System is the Series of collection of Plates which show the sketches, geometry and positioning utilised to map the relationships of the components of the human system. 


A worthy accompiament to The Body of Your Life, this book will interest those interested in architecture, philosophy, energetics and theology.


The 7 Stages of Development


A walk through the 7 stages of development of the human being, how we can benefit from understanding these stages during childrearing and how the stages can be revisited for development and growth throughout adult life.


e Book


The Body of Your Life


The Body of Your Life is the new book by Kirsty Henderson which explains the power we all have witihin our own bodies to make fundamental life changes and health advancements.


The Body of Your Life maps and explains the relationships of each aspect of our human systems to empower the reader with indepth knowledge of what they are and the power available to them. Explaining the relationships between mind and matter, physical and spiritual, body and soul The Body of Your Life is a new handbook for being human.


Armed with this new fresh awareness and vital information, find yourself empowered to make fundamental changes and developments to both your life and your wellbeing.


The Body of Your Life explains clearly the power we have in our movement, action, thoughts and speech to make redical changes and teaches how the Body can be used as a vehicle for development, alteration and change.





Interviews on the books will be posting here soon along with soundbites from those who participated in the studies.





Sample chapters will be posted as excerpts plus downloadable full e-books coming soon.





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