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Human Behaviours: Advanced Study Programmes
Military & Elite Athlete
Coaching for Trainers & International Coaches
National Competitive Squads Seminars
Elite performance, athlete development, life coaching, wellbeing, human behaviours

The Advanced Studies Programmes

Used by military and elite athletes our Elite Performance Programmes teach Five Rings Training's high-endurance methods of training and recovery for sustainable mental and physical health, reaching and sustaining exceptional performance and increasing human capabilities. Our pioneering training and research leads the way in solutions for human performance, system balance & recovery in high risk environments. 

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Private 1 Year Advanced Studies Course

"It has been an amazing course which I have enjoyed every second of and found it to be the most useful and effective work I have done."

Private Client Study Modules

"This programme I truly think has shifted my foundations in a life- changing way."

Private 1 Year Advanced Studies Course

"The information contained in this course is so rich. I look forward to starting the next course."

Private 1 Year Advanced Studies Course

"This course has taken me deeper in my understanding of what is required of us as individuals to reach our goals and connect with the Divine."

Private 1 Year Advanced Studies Course

"I have found the course to be transformative and nourishing. It has unblocked belief systems and learnt behaviour that is no longer beneficial."

Private Client Study Modules

"Kirsty's insight and knowledge, particularly in areas of energetic and human behaviour has simply been invaluable."

Buy The Advanced Studies

One Year Learning Programmes, Short Study Modules and Lectures.


Buy One Year Learning Programme

1 -2 Day Intensive Programme


Partnering Programme

Detailed Consultation

Tailored Programme

Baseball Coach

Study Modules

Privately Taught programme modules

Modules are a way to dive in to our content and learn one month at a time. 

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Detailed tailored personalised programme

Private Consultation

6 Week Learning Schedule

3 Month Development Plan




Advanced Training for Elite Human Capabilities

Training & Elite Performance Talks

Our Advice is available for military, global organisations, elite athletes and their Coaches.

Available online or in-person.

Elite Performance Seminars

Our Seminars enable your group, squad or Coaching Team to benefit from our insights and techniques in Elite Performance Training. 


Elite Performance Programme

Benefit from our fully comprehensive programme including video analysis, training, coaching and full performance support. 


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Elite Performance Fighter Pages


Ex-Military Security

I have been training  in private lessons studying mainly Krav Maga. Kirsty is one of the best teachers in any subject I have ever met. Kirsty has always made sure the sessions are tailored to what I need or would like to know and always encourages people through positive motivation, making both group and private sessions an empowering experience."

Ironman Athlete

"Training with Kirsty is hard as she pushes you to get the best out of your abilities but it is also fun and relaxed. Her energy visualisation techniques help me to better understand where my strength comes from and how to maximise it in every movement."

Group Coaching

"Kirsty's ethos and the one of Five Rings Training is impeccable, strong and moral. She is capable of training people to very high level."

MMA Fighter

"My experience of having Kirsty as my teacher was one of being inspired by a woman of honour, that gives so much."

Movement Coach

"Kirsty exhibits what I need in a teacher - somebody that inspires and generates respect through her own work ethic & moral code alone. More than a teacher but a mentor."

MMA Fighter

"I am hoping to compete at a professional level and the training provided here is definitely aiding me to reach that goal."

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