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Elite Performance Fighters
World Champion & National Champion Level Training
International Fight Organisation
Octagon & Bare-knuckle Knockdown Competition Teams

FRT Mixed Martial Arts 


FRT's elite performance Black Belt Fighters are experts in full-contact endurance fighting: they are highly skilled and trained mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to excel during extensive hours of intensive non-stop fighting.

MMA Competition Coaching

Taking Fighters to Regional, National and World Champion Wins

~ Open to all Fighters and Organisations ~


MMA Fighter
Competitor Programme

We support all competitive fighters and new fighters who wish to compete.

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Fighter Analytics

Fighter video analysis and competitor analysis helps our fighters gain the winning edge. 

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Fight Technician

Our Coaches are expert Fight Technicians skilled in understanding how to elevate and improve your performance and technique.

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Fighter Support & Performance

Pay as you go Fighter Support in nutrition, athlete performance energetics,

and elite performance mindset.

Quinoa Salad

Fighter Nutrition

Nutrition advice and meal planning principles specific for elite Fighters.


Fighter diet is not the same as a gym diet, find out how to correctly fuel your fight-performance.

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Fighter Performance Energetics

Put the edge on your game.

Cutting-edge Fighter Energetics Coaching to excel and raise your performance. 

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Introductory Course £99

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Fighter Elite Mindset Coaching

Elite performance mindset and competitive psychology coaching. 

Training mind and body in unison to be the best you can be.

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Introductory Course £375

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