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World Champion & National Champion Level Training
International Fight Organisation
Octagon & Bare-knuckle Knockdown Competition Teams

FRT Mixed Martial Arts 

The FRT Black Belt Curriculum is a comprehensive structured curriculum involving a miniumum of 5 to 7 years training and study including participating in 35 endurance fights, competing in national and international competitions and undertaking a syllabus of academic study and teacher training.

MMA Training

Training is available at our Dojos in UK and Israel (by application and invitation), at our Intensive Training Camps,

and via our Competitive Fight Coaching.

~ Both our Camps and Competitive Coaching are open to all ~


MMA Dojo Training

To apply to train at our Dojos in UK and Israel fill in our

Fighter Registration Form

and select the Dojos option


Intensive Training Camps

Our Intensive Training Camps run throughout the year and are open to all Fighters and Organisations.


To express interest in being included in our Training Camps guest-list fill in the

Fighter Registration Form

and select Intensive Training Camp option


Fight Coaching

Private Coaching Programmes include online coaching, fighter programming, and in-person Half Day and Full Day Intensives.


To apply complete the

Fighters Registration Form

and select Competition option

Thank you to Lee Ashman, Nico Wills and Kirsty Henderson for our fight photography.

MMA Competition Coaching

Taking Fighters to Regional, National and World Champion Wins

~ Open to all Fighters and Organisations ~


MMA Fighter
Competitor Programme

We support all competitive fighters and new fighters who wish to compete.

Book your Fight Prep Programme


Fighter Analytics

Fighter video analysis and competitor analysis helps our fighters gain the winning edge. 

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Fight Technician

Our Coaches are expert Fight Technicians skilled in understanding how to elevate and improve your performance and technique.

Book your Fight Technician session.

Fighter Support & Performance

Pay as you go Fighter Support in nutrition, athlete performance energetics,

and elite performance mindset.

Quinoa Salad

Fighter Nutrition

Nutrition advice and meal planning principles specific for elite Fighters.


Fighter diet is not the same as a gym diet, find out how to correctly fuel your fight-performance.

Buy the Course ONLY £37


Fighter Performance Energetics

Put the edge on your game.

Cutting-edge Fighter Energetics Coaching to excel and raise your performance. 

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Introductory Course £99

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Fighter Elite Mindset Coaching

Elite performance mindset and competitive psychology coaching. 

Training mind and body in unison to be the best you can be.

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Introductory Course £375


FRT MMA delivers world class MMA training across Dojos in UK & Israel and via camps, coaching and services above which are open to all.


Uniquely the style is taught as one comprehensive system without separation of stand-up, take-down and ground work, ensuring our fighters are highly skilled in the full flow of their movement transitions.


Additionally, there is no separation forming a female fight category at FRT MMA, all female fighters are trained, equipped and expected to fight men.

Training includes:

  • personal development

  • sporting performance

  • athlete wellbeing, nutrition and recovery

  • competitive training

  • Instructor training

The FRT MMA Black Belt

Our Fighters are trained in a structured curriculum and encouraged to progress through the Academy's belt system towards Black Belt and beyond.


The highly comprehensive White Belt to Black Belts Training curriculum formulated by FRT's award winning Coaches who themselves are world and national champion level fighters and Japan trained Black Belts, takes students through a minimum of 5 - 7 year syllabus of personal development, skills training, sports science, nutrition, energetics, philosophy, athlete mentorship, lifestyle training, whole body wellbeing, competitive and psychology training.

Further to completing the learning curriculum, Fighters are expected to compete nationally and internationally, undertake 35 endurance fights and train at the FRT Academy to become Krav Maga Instructors. The KM instructorship is to ensure all our Black Belt Fighters are seasoned competitive fighters who are also highly skilled in real life defence fighting.


Our top elite Fighters are selected to deploy in our specialist units. See House.


Five Rings Training Fight Association

FRTFA is the International Fight Organisation which governs all our Fighter training within the strict code of principles and ethics of the underlying philosophies of Five Rings Training.

All Fighters maintain a membership of the Organisation and renew annually.

Self Improvement

FRT Martial Arts training is about self improvement, personal development, gaining skills, acquiring mental focus, inner balance, strengthening the heart, mind and spirit.


Students study in an intelligent, supportive, no-ego environment under the tutelage of FRT's elite Instructor team of highly experienced and highly trained national and world champion Black Belt Instructors. 

FRT Gradings

FRT MMA Gradings are highly intensive involving very demanding fitness tests, endurance fighting, skills work and kihon. 

Fighters must properly prepare in all aspects of fighter and athlete training to be considered for grading inclusion. 




“Mixed Martial Arts training at Five Rings Training has had an incredible impact on my life. Prior to MMA, I never knew I could be this passionate about a sport. As a combination of several different fighting styles, it requires incredible speed, strength, flexibility, and stamina both physical and mental, and the constant competition with other members of Five Rings has pushed me to constantly improve all of these and keep challenging myself. In addition, MMA training has made me a happier person overall by giving me a way to let off steam, and a space twice a week where I can turn my head off completely and focus on nothing but my breathing, my movements and what my opponent will do next, in a setting where I know we are all pushing each other to improve and grow.”





“Mixed Martial Arts has influenced my life today in so many ways it is impossible to list them in any abbreviated way. Before training with “Five Rings” I had undertaken classes in the art with a number of different coaches, not all as well qualified as Kirsty and Andrej. These classes were a great way to be induced to the circuit and get acquainted with the sport, however, none of the coaches, nor the classes, ever had any emotional or spiritual impact on me or my love for the sport. It wasn’t until I began my training with Five Rings that I stopped seeing martial arts as a sport, or a way of expressing my anger, but instead a way of pushing your body’s limits and continually advancing in a discipline that demands respect and brings people together in ways I could never imagine. The personal ambition that I have developed at  Five Rings can only be appreciated as a reminder of the talent and commitment the coaches bring to training every week, and the motivation and love they have to see people grow. Five Rings Training is the most accessible, motivated, tough, hardworking, technical and fun loving Mixed Martial Arts organisation I think could possibly exist across the globe."



"It is quite difficult to describe exactly what makes FRT such a special organisation, but there are several key points. Firstly our truly wonderful coaches are genuinely kind and generous people, always available when help is needed, always welcoming newcomers and beginners, and are 100% dedicated to their work. Secondly, at FRT I found a completely new mindset for training: I have discovered the whole spiritual and psychological aspect of fighting, and how this puts into perspective all the things you can do. It made me realise how much more work I needed to put in, which was both scary and compelling, and motivated me to train harder. This also made me realise that if I could change so much in my fighting goals, when I previously thought I was quite good, there must be many other areas where more discipline and hard work could help me get more pleasure out of things, like my relationships with my friends and family."



“The training delivered by Kirsty Henderson and Andrej Cernega at the Five Rings Training Academy has significantly improved my performance and drive that I have for not only martial arts but for all my sports and physical activities. Alongside rigorous physical conditioning, the Five Rings Training team has vastly expanded my skills within martial arts training and honed any other skills that I had from amateur boxing. However the positive gains that training has had on me is not only limited to the physical sphere of my life. With the support and professional coaching that I have received from Five Rings Training, my experiences of MMA training have been translated into many aspects of my life and for the better. The discipline and determination inculcated by training at Five Rings has made me more confident and determined in my academic studies and helped me accomplish many of my own personal goals. Since I started my training last year, the virtues of self control and endurance has made me significantly more able to deal with life as a student and understand the value of self mastery in order to deal with any situation life throws."




"I trained with Kirsty Henderson from knowing absolutely nothing about martial arts or fighting to having won the very first Tournament I entered. The tournament was a bare-knuckle knock down Shidokan tournament -  no gloves, or points to win, or head protection. You fight and when you are damaged you give up or you get knocked out. With this style of fighting you feel as though your life is on the line and you have to have the right type of teacher in order to survive.

No stone was left unturned in my training. Personal fear of the unknown, and a lack of confidence were transformed in the months up to the fight where I didn't recognise myself anymore. If you feel like me that the most important thing in life is your time then all I can say is dont waste any more of it with any teacher that is less than perfect! Learn from someone that lives the path they are teaching. Being trained by Kirsty will feel like you are receiving a very special gift.

Its rare to find someone who is a good fighter and also a good teacher. Kirsty is both. In the months running up to the Sri Lankan World Shidokan Tournament, Kirsty took me and another 3  other people [Men's Team] on this very personal journey to finding our strengths and deal with our weaknesses, coming out of the experience mentally stronger than we were going in.

My own personal success in the ring is totally down to being trained by her."



"I am a black belt in karate, and Kirsty's way of teaching is impressive. She is very thorough and has a passion for what she does. She is very motivating and encouraging: two of the most important qualities for a teacher. I have seen her compete and she is an incredible fighter, she has all the necessary skills; technique, strength, power, balance, coordination and agility."



"I had the honour and privilege of training with Kirsty Henderson for over a year. She is an excellent teacher who is able to impart her knowledge in an effective manner to her students regardless of their age, gender or motivation for taking up martial arts.  Her extensive training in Shidokan (in the UK and Japan) and in many other disciplines such as Krav Maga and her understanding of the use of ki, enables her to teach her students a variety of skills for use not only in the dojo but also in full contact tournaments and realistic self-defence situations that they may encounter in other environments. Sensei Kirsty exemplifies the spirit of perseverance and self-improvement that defines a martial artist and I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with and learn from her."



“I am indebted to the Five Rings Training team for the highly professional training that they deliver to everyone, with patience and clarity and for how Five Rings training has positively cultivated all areas of my life.”



"I joined Five Rings Training not knowing what to expect and joined because another member recommended it to me. My sporting background has mainly been boxing and American football based (with elements of other sports) but I can say Five Rings MMA training is different. It is more intense but also rewarding plus it has enabled me to explore further in to martial arts as well as myself as a person and an athlete. I am hoping to compete at a professional level and the training provided here is definitely aiding me to reach that goal. As well as that, i feel confident about defending myself in altercations outside of sports if any arise but also I have been able to meet a great group of people."



"Kirsty inspires me and reminds me that you can always do better, push further, there is always progress to be made, and your body and mind can work wonders if you appreciate how they must be trained. I have really learnt the value of hard work, of perseverance, that I apply to other sports and to my academic life thanks to FRT. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have been able to access such high quality training so easily, and wish to pursue as long as possible."
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