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FRT Mixed Martial Arts 

The FRT Black Belt Curriculum is a comprehensive structured curriculum involving a miniumum of 5 to 7 years training and study including participating in 35 endurance fights, competing in national and international competitions and undertaking a syllabus of academic study and teacher training.


FRT Academy delivers award winning MMA training across 7 UK Dojos and an International Competitive Training camp:


  • personal development

  • sporting performance

  • competitive training

  • Instructor training




  • stand-up

  • take down

  • groundwork 


Gi and no-gi fighting in a structured White to Black belt curriculum and competition training programme.

The FRT MMA Black Belt

At FRT Academy students are taught a structured curriculum and encouraged to progress through the Academy's belt system.


The highly comprehensive White Belt to Black Belt Training curriculum formulated by FRT's award winning coaches, educational specialists, world and national championship athletes and Japan trained Black Belts, takes students through a minimum 5 year syllabus of personal development, skills training, sports science, nutrition, energetics, philosophy, athlete mentorship, lifestyle training, whole body wellbeing and competitive psychology training.



FRT Dojos are open to all over the age of 18 and are run in a strict Japanese MMA format by highly qualified world and national champion Black Belt instructors.


Gi and no-gi fighting is taught in a complete syllabus of stand-up, take down and ground work. 


Competitive Training

Competitive Training opportunities are available to dedicated students wishing to join the Tournament Team and Tournament Support Team.


Competitions are held on tatami for gi fighitng (Japanese MMA) and in cage for no-gi fighting (British Amateur MMA) with opportunities to compete in national and international championships.


  • Japanese MMA

  • Cage MMA

  • University MMA


FRT Gradings

Gradings take place twice a year for the full FRT Academy, during Winter and Summer terms. Gradings are seen as a time for all students to come together and develop their skills sets to the next level. They are tested on:


  • Fitness testing

  • Endurance Fighting

  • Skills & Kihon

To Join

To Join FRT MMA click on the Join on Facebook Tab to the right.

For purchase of Class passes, Term passes, kit and fight insurance visit our Shop.


  • Adult Membership

  • Student Membership

  • Instructor Training

Five Rings Training Fight Association is a not for profit organisation which governs all FRT Martial Arts Training & Dojos.


FRTFA provides world class development and sporting performance training from beginner to international competition level within the strict code of principles and ethics of the underlying philosophies of Five Rings Training.


Self Improvement

FRT Martial Arts training is about self improvement, personal 

development, gaining skills, acquiring mental focus,inner balance, strengthening the heart, mind and spirit.


Students study in an intelligent, supportive environment under the tutelage of FRT's elite Instructor team of highly experienced and highly trained national and world champion Black Belt Instructors. 


"During grading, especially, I really experienced the teamwork and solidarity between everyone even though it was competitive. Your opponents were there to help you make progress, to let you show what you could do, not just to win. It's that spirit, I think, that truly represents this association.” FRT MMA student

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