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Human Potential

Advancing oneself is an exciting journey of self commitment, self discipline and uncovering. Our personal development and human potential training follows a structured curriculum through the 7 Stages of Human Development. Learn, develop, grow. Ideal for individuals, corporate organisations and parents.

Human Potential Training

Life Plan Coaching is a unique form of life and personal coaching which focuses on your life path. It is a fully integrative system for individuals who want to get on path, grow, connect to their life purpose, make a positive impact and fulfil their true potential. 


Fulfilment is key to human happiness and performance. Passion, excitement, engagement, feeling you have something to offer and knowing how to make a difference, are all part of connecting into the stream of life in an inspiring, energising and fulfilling way. The result is greater personal esteem, sense of self, personal happiness, increased energy and sense of satisfaction. 



Personal Development 

Personal Development Coaching is a form of whole life coaching which trains you physically, mentally and emotionally, giving you vital tools for living more successfully and enjoying greater happiness.


Personal Development is attained faster and with sustainability when we gain comprehensive knowledge of ourselves and train in new skills, both as a route to development, and to put into our hands the tools we will use for living. 


Excellent for those seeking something more fundamental than their gym workout. This is whole body mind energy system training for the soul. 


Awareness | Personal Knowledge | Understanding | Skills | Confidence | Sense of Self | Purpose | Ability | Mental Focus

Self Responsibility | Communication Skills | Emotional Tools


Child Development 

Child Development Coaching is offered in consultation with your whole family approach to learning and wellbeing. 


We see rapid increase in childrens' physical and mental abilities. This coaching also helps with anti-bullying, emotional stability and creating a positive mental attitude.


Child safety and family personal safety can be added to this learning on request.

Home Coaching to assist children diagnosed on the Austism Spectrum and Autism Home Training Packs also available


Adult Learning


  • One to One Coaching

  • Private Group Learning

  • Speaker appointments

  • Personal Mentorship


Guided training to becoming advanced in a spectrum of both soft and hard skills. Toolkit for life. 




Child Development


  • Psychomotor Learning

  • Connectivity

  • Coordination

  • Communication


One to One and Family Coaching to help children develop and learn faster, increase motor coordination, improve communication and boost overall wellbeing. 






One to One Coaching sessions

  • Phone & Online Coaching

  • One to One Sessions

  • Personal Programming


Contact for private packages.



Talks | Speaker


For Professionals and Teams.

  • Seminars, Workshops & Talks

  • One to One Coaching

  • Private Consulting 

  • Online Coaching


























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