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Personal Training and Coaching
All Physical Training Subjects

One to One or Shared

Individual Session      £150.00

10 Session Course        £1250.00

Private Intensive Workshop     £1000.00

Contact to book your location and date.

Training Sessions and Costs can be shared.

Venue fees and international travel fees may apply.

Energetics, Human Behaviours & Life Coaching
Personal Development and Personalised Education

Online Life Coaching

1 x Online Session     £375.00

10 x Online Session       £3000.00

Intensive Tutorial                  £500.00

One to One Life Coaching

Individual One to One    £500.00

Private Workshop          £1000.00

One Day Intensive                £2500.00

One to One Online Coaching and Coaching at Harley Street, London and Richmond Upon Thames. 

Alternative locations available on request. Contact to book your location and date. 

National and international travel fees may apply.

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