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The Great Traits Project | Interview Podcast with Kirsty Henderson

Kirsty Henderson shares some of her insights with Author Tobias Harwood for The Great Traits Project. Listen to the podcast here.

About the Project:

The Great Traits Project investigates the behaviour and beliefs behind phenomenal feats.

We introduce you to individuals who have achieved remarkable feats and illustrate the character traits that drive them. We reveal their attitude to life. We highlight what makes them tick. We expose the traits behind their greatness.

Over recent years the Great Traits Project has interviewed inspirational individuals from the world of business, sport, the military, charity, the arts, science, technology and extreme physical adventurers. These are remarkable people with an array of wonderful stories to tell. They provide insights that can inspire and influence us all.

Throughout the Great Traits Project you will meet these amazing individuals– some are household names, others are unsung heroes, but all have an attitude to life we can learn from. They provide riveting insights into true life stories. They shed new light on the way we think and act.

‘Be not afraid of greatness,’ Shakespeare wrote in Twelfth Night. ‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them.’ Throughout the Great Traits Project you will discover individuals who fall into all three categories.

About the Podcast, written by author Tobias Harwood:

Kirsty Henderson became the first (and is still the only) woman in Britain to attain a Black Belt in Shidokan Karate (better known as Japanese Mixed Martial Arts). After travelling, studying and competing in Japan she become ranked as the top female Shidokan fighter in the world. On returning to the UK, she became coach to the British Men’s Team training them to successful international-championship wins.

Kirsty’s list of qualifications are staggering. She is a qualified…

  • Martial Arts Instructor

  • Shidokan Blackbelt 2nd Dan (Japan)

  • Mixed Martial Arts Instructor and Coach

  • Krav Maga Instructor

  • Specialist Defence Instructor

  • Knives and Edged Weapons Instructor

  • She is also a qualified Yoga Teacher

  • She has a Reiki Degree and 3 University Degrees.

  • Kirsty has completed 7 years of training to become a qualified architect at the prestigious Charles Rennie Mackintosh School of Architecture.

Currently she is the Founder & Owner of the Five Rings Training & Research Institute

As you can imagine she has a wealth of wisdom and I’m honoured to share her insights and inspiration.

Find out more at:

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