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Best Corporate Training Company 2019

Five Rings Training has been awarded Best Corporate Training Company 2019.

To help celebrate, we’ve added some exciting new topics to our Corporate Training Programme now available for companies in UK and EMEA. Book now on the links at the bottom of this page for Training during 2019 and 2020:

The Five Rings of Personal Wellbeing

Staff Wellbeing

The Five Key aspects no one else is speaking about for achieving lifespan wellbeing.

We give you the clear-view overview of all 5 and look at their significance to human wellbeing throughout the entire lifecycle to empower your staff with information, understanding and personal responsibility in all aspects of personal wellbeing.

Behaviours as a Route to Outcomes


This learning gives a key understanding into how daily habits, routines and common behaviours impact outcomes at both an individual and collective level. With a greater understanding of the impacts of seemingly irrelevant behaviours Management Teams can begin to structure their team protocols and daily routines to shape positive outcomes and overall staff wellbeing and positive engagement.

Self Containment: The Building of Inner Strength


We are in a new wave of Leadership: Mentoring and Leading has given way to Leading by Example. This empowering Five Rings Training Leadership Learning Series is built for Leaders and taps into the true essence of building and maintaining personal inner strength, self control, self discipline, strategic thinking and strategic communications.

With these attributes in place Leaders are better able to act strategically, with wisdom, and make appropriate and relevant decisions for long term gain.

For our Award Winning Training in Personal Safety, Security, Staff Self Defence and Travel Safety visit our dedicated personal safety and security unit Personal Safety London at and

To Book Training:

Email us here with your preferred subject, dates and number of staff attending by clicking on Create Your Booking

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