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The Language of Life

The Five Rings Training Retreats are fully immersive highly developed human programming and learning opportunities in which you receive the very best of our groundbreaking Coaching, Training and Thinking in an environment which inspires, energises and empowers. Choose from 1, 3 and 5 Day Private Retreats in bespoke content written specifically for you or select from our popular programmes below. Submerge mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically into our Advanced Thinking and Training Programmes which transform you from inside to out.


The art of good communication is the bedrock for great leadership, collaboration, successful relationships, and largely contributes to us sustaining and maintaining our inner balance and our personal wellbeing. Join Five Rings' multi-award winning Founding Coach Kirsty Henderson and renowned Coach, Actor and award-winning Screenwriter Patrick Wilde in Retreat to dive deeply into this innovative and extensive new series of Masterclasses of The Language of Life. Travel upon a journey through ancient knowledge, the importance of linguistic discipline and its powerful root as a vehicle to master the Whole, learning the key relationships between the 3 human faculties of creation: Thought, Speech and Action. The Language of Life: In Retreat is an opportunity to focus inward on developing this spoken key for life which has the ability to positively and radically transform both your inner and outer worlds.

Learn how with the art of linguistic discipline we faster reach a greater level of self discipline in all areas of our life, leading to the fulfilment of goals and highly significant improvements in all of our relationships, whether they be at work, home, at leisure or social in our day to day. Read more about The Language of Life here.


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