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Training Systems
Integrated System Training
Training Spectrum
Training Architecture

"Brilliant! Exceptional training."  Her Majesty's Treasury

FRT Training Systems

All learning at FRT encompasses the 4 fold training of mind, body, energetic system & spirit to produce ground-breaking programmes for advancing, balancing & recovering the human system.

Training Concept

One Integrated Coaching System > Mutiple Applications              

One spectrum of training spanning the needs of the human life cycle.


i System Training

Integrated System Training 

One Integrated Coaching System, one Training Architecture, multiple applications.


FRT's integrating training systems are derived from one coaching system built by FRT's founder Kirsty Henderson. The system is applied to a spectrum of:


Prevention > Recovery > Balance > Development > Advancement


allowing mutiple applications and is built of a root architecture which acts as a software for the ongoing development of further learning systems.


To order and available to all through One to One / shared group​

sessions and Intensive Courses & workshops

Self Defence London Self Defence London Self Defence London Self Defence London Self Defence London Self Defence London Self Defence London Self Defence London


Working along one spectrum of applications. Using keying, recovery, development and growth mechanisms for:


  • Athlete training, mentorship and high performance 

  • Corporate Leadership

  • Performance advancement

  • Personal development 

  • Rebalancing the system

  • Recovery from trauma 

  • Stress management & prevention

  • Preventative Healthcare


FRT Systems are used by: 


  • British Soldiers 

  • Competitive fighters and athletes

  • Companies, Organisations & Government Departments for staff training

  • Children requiring assistance with Autism  

  • Individuals interested in preventative healthcare

  • Individuals who enjoy self improvement & personal development


FRT Training Spectrum


attack recovery

trauma recovery

injury recovery



preventative - healthcare

system restore

child restorative



personal development

skills & personal growth



athlete & business


research studies

advanced training advanced energetics








Prevention & Recovery


Specialist Security Training

Specialist Defence Training

Attack & Trauma Recovery


Preventative Healthcare

Injury Prevention


Personal Development


Energetic Awareness & Training

Skills & Awareness Training

Mental Focus & Physical Health



Performance Coaching

Advanced Studies 

Leadership Coaching

Success Coaching

Advanced Energetics


Personal Safety Training London
Training Architecture

One root architecture allows all states and conditions on the above spectrum to be tackled by the same coaching system.


The use of a method called Keying plus recovery, growth and developmental mechanisms are used to make specific changes at key points on the spectrum.


The client / individual is taught these methods (TST) so they can be introduced, revisited or utilised to benefit themselves or others throughout the life cycle.

Personal Safety Training London
Personal Safety Training London

Total System Training (TST)


TST is an Architecture of the Human System which provides the mapping and toolkit for you to enhance your parts and cultivate your whole. It is suitable for practitioners and advanced trainers who wish to work at a more comprehensive level and for individuals who wish to undertake advanced training and learning in recovery, preventative healthcare, life balance and elite performance enhancement.


TST courses currently available are:

TST Architecture

the TST system architecture, how it works, its applications and toolkit


Total System Advancement

Elite Performance Enhancement programme for athletes, business leaders, high performers


​Total System Recovery

Restorative recovery system strengthening, rebalancing & rebuilding for the aftermath of trauma, stress, injury & for developmental needs. Especially good for children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.


Total System Balance

Balancing Programme for advanced health and wellbeing training, overall system & Life balance



Training is intensive, scientific and intelligent. Bespoke Programmes & Teacher / Practitioner Training Courses are available email us with your request​​




Personal Safety

Security & Defence

Injury Prevention

Preventative Healthcare





Stress & Trauma Recovery

Injury Recovery





Child Restorative Training


Motor Coordination





Lifestyle Coaching

Whole System Wellbeing





Child Development

Adult Personal Development





Skills Training

Performance Enhancement





Advanced Studies

Athlete Training

Executive Coaching






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Specialist Units

Personal Safety London


Personal Safety

Security & Defence



FRT Academy


University Training

Personal Development

Sporting Achievement

Athlete Training



Private Training






New Education


Curriculum Development

in Human Functionning, Resilience & Wellbeing



Research Unit


Training Programming

Advanced Studies




or call

0203 642 0872



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