Athlete Training
Integrative Coaching

" No stone left unturned"

Athlete Training

All learning at FRT encompasses the 4 fold training of mind, body, energetic system & spirit to produce ground-breaking programmes for advancing, balancing & recovering the human system.

Bridging the Gap

Athlete training at Five Rings encompasses a fully unified programme of lifestyle, mental habits and beliefs, competitive training psychology, nutrition, time management, sleep coaching, whole body wellbeing, physical and energetic advancement as well as strengthening the spirit; developing the athlete not only as a sportsperson but as a human being with a fulfilling and healthy life.


To increase an individual’s or team’s potential we coach comprehensively all aspects of lifestyle and life plan.


No stone is left unturned, the athlete undertakes specialist training and learns how to build the life they require to reach the results they want to achieve in a sustainable way.


Connection is crucial. Too many times we see athletes, leaders, individuals trying to further themselves with segmented and segregated approaches, with disconnections and blocks between body and mind, lack of connection to spirit and very little energetic awareness. This unfortunately leads to burn out, frustration and lack of enthusiasm, deteriorating health and poor performance results – this can all be avoided!


With training techniques which map the system together and build on connectivity we can better connect to our dreams, goals, passions, drive as well as nurture our inner strength both physically and metaphysically to produce groundbreaking results.


With connectivity we see greater personal responsibility in athletes for their own change, growth and development. They become better able to lead their game rather than respond to their environments or experiences.

The Importance of Energetic Training

Energetic Training is an advanced form of athlete coaching which assists injury prevention, performance, strength, emotional mastery, awareness and mental focus.


It involves key techniques the athlete can easily apply to daily training and practice to reach far beyond previous accomplishments in health, wellbeing and performance.


Whether you are seeking to reach world championship level, win at your hobby or race, be a better player for your team or raise your game in all areas of your life, it is important to understand the comprehensive approach required to be your best.


With the right coaching you can unleash your potential and reach new heights in a safe, supported, sustainable and healthy way.


Training & Coaching

For the individual athlete fully personalised programmes provide the most benefit; in these athletes are coached and mentored over a period of months to improve performance health and wellbeing.


For teams, subject-specific modules offer learning opportunities for all team members, key players, coaches and managers and implement these new aspects of training into current programmes and schedules in a complimentary and beneficial way.



  • Personalised Programmes

  • Bespoke High-level Team Coaching

  • Training and sporting performance

  • Competitive mindset coaching

  • Energetic Training

  • Connectivity Therapy

  • Integrative System Training

  • Injury Prevention, Recovery & Stress Management

  • Leadership and Athlete / Team Management

  • Rebalancing the System

  • Whole Body Wellness


Private Coaching


One to One Coaching sessions

  • Video analysis

  • Skype coaching

  • Physical Training 

  • Online Coaching


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Team Coaching


For Professionals and Teams.


  • Intensive Workshops

  • Seminars

  • Talks

  • Onsite Coaching

  • Private Consulting 

  • Online Training


Intensive Workshops


International Intensive Workshops

and Training Camps are available for


  • Professional Teams

  • Clubs

  • Educational Institutions 


Seminars & Talks


  • The Competitive Mindset 

  • Energetic Training

  • Connectivity Therapy

  • Integrative System Training

  • Injury Prevention, Recovery & Stress Management

  • Leadership and Athlete / Team Management

  • Rebalancing the System

  • Whole Body Wellness























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