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Life Architecture
Architecture of The Human System
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A learning series which takes you through the mapping of the human system, your building blocks for life and your tools for living. 

By understanding our own Architecture we are better placed to build sustainable wellness, purpose and take control of reaching our true potentials. 



What is Architecture? Architecture through the ages and what it means right here.



Physical Spiritual

Our basic make-up, our balance point and our hierarchy of needs.




The ground beneath our feet. Does it embed us or does it build us?




Purpose to Fulfilment to Flow. The I AM of your now.




Our building blocks for life: a system within a system.



Inner Environment

Taking responsibility within: inner cultivation.




The keys to the process, structuring and programming.



System Mapping

Mapping the human system: your vital connections.


Individual State

A snapshot of your system state: a blueprint for alteration, change, and growth.

State Mapping

The technique for state mapping.


Horizontal & Vertical Escape

Human navigation and escape. 



Collective State

The relationships between Individual and Collective States.

The Architecture of The Human System

The series of plates: the drawings mapping the Architecture of the Human System.



The 7 Stages of Development

The 7 stages of human development, the life cycle needs and progression up the ladder. 

Lifecycle Training Spectrum

The Training Spectrum written at FRT to structure the integrated training of the human system.


The technique for mental, physical and emotional reprogramming.

Tools for Creation

Our primary faculties and tools for creation.


The human journey of process.

Sacred State

Architecture and Attributes: the connection between Human and the Divine.



The purpose of goal setting. 




Routes to change.




The key to integrative wellbeing and state development.



Human States

The Archetypes of Individual and Collective Human States.



Human Components

Human System Components explained.

Multi-Layered Programming

Programming through the connectivity and integration mapping.


Individual Outcomes

The impact of the Individual State.


3rd Chakra Society

The struggle with identity and the impact on the system.



Building Communities

The definitions and core principles for thriving groups.




Levels of language and communication strategies.



Negotiating Principles

Utilising the human structure in forms of negotiation.

Collective States

Patterns of human collective behaviour.

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We are all here to build, build lives, legacies and build for others, but most importantly we are here to build ourselves. 

How can we do that if we do not understand our own architecture?



Life Architecture


The Life Architecture series is written by Kirsty Henderson, FRT Founder, and begins with a journey through your own human system, explaining its components, its connections and its potentials, so you can understand your own building blocks and the tools you can use to build for Life.



Your Journey


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