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The 1 Year Advanced Studies Programmes
Online Courses
Intensive Modules
Elite performance, athlete development, life coaching, wellbeing, human behaviours

Advanced Thinking & Training Programmes

Programmes are the curriculum written for human development at Five Rings Training. They are unique rich learning and development journeys sharing deep core knowledge seeped in spirit.


Bringing together all of our deep thinking the programmes are built to help individuals and groups connect into self, build human potential, and spiritually align.

Open Book


Advanced Studies for Human Development

1 Year Advanced Studies

Privately Taught

12 Month deep dive knowledge journeys, rich with groundbreaking content and expertly guided self exploration.

Programme Short Courses

Accessible short courses focusing in on core knowledge and principles from our Programmes.

Available to buy in our

Podcast Learning Series.

Talks & Lectures

You can book excerpts from our Programmes as Talks and Lectures for your company or university.

Contact us to request.

Private 1 Year Advanced Course

"It has been an amazing course which I have enjoyed every second of and found it to be the most useful and effective work I have done."

Private Client Intensive Modules

"This programme I truly think has shifted my foundations in a life- changing way."

Private 1 Year Advanced Course

"The information contained in this course is so rich. I look forward to starting the next course."

Private 1 Year Advanced Course

"This course has taken me deeper in my understanding of what is required of us as individuals to reach our goals and connect with the Divine."

Private 1 Year Advanced Course

"I have found the course to be transformative and nourishing. It has unblocked belief systems and learnt behaviour that is no longer beneficial."

Private Client Intensive Modules

"Kirsty's insight and knowledge, particularly in areas of energetic and human behaviour has simply been invaluable."

The Advanced Studies

Private 1 Year Advanced Courses

Current 2024 Series

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The Architecture of The Human System

Life Architecture Series Vol I,II,III

The Body of Your Life

The Mechanisms for Renewal & Change

The Language of Life

Communications for a New Era

The Elevated Strategy

Advanced & Aligned: Wisdom Strategy


Recovery as a Route to Endurance

The Sacred Day

The Spiritual Life Series Vol 1-10

The Athlete's Way

The 4 Fold Training of The Human System

Human Energetics

The Bind Between Body & Soul

Elite Performance

Human Behaviours: Mechanisms


Ethics, Values & Building Your

World View

Human States

Individual & Collective

Identity Matters

Individualisation for Unity

The Independant State

Building Spiritual Strength

Recovery Mechanisms

Renewal & Return

Sacred Union

The Way of The Heart

Mental Discipline & Fortifying

Commitment & Personal Growth

Bold & Courageous

The Being of Love & Strength


Leadership By Embodiment

Courses & Lectures

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