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"rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing"

                                     Proverbs 12:18

The Language of Life

As a Human Behaviour, Language is one of our most powerful Creative Faculties. Yet, without careful awareness, mind-set training and linguistic discipline, our Language can play the part of Destroyer instead of Builder in our lives and in the lives of those we lead, and of those we love.


In our new series The Language of Life we teach you how to master the use of language in your day to day to Create, Build, Bond, Uplift, Teach, Inspire and Lead others. 

Book this innovative new series of Masterclasses as: Personalised Private Coaching, Talks, Workshops or Consulting for your company or organisation.

Language in Leadership

Great Leaders are great communicators. Disciplined in their distribution of their words, they display their capability to successfully process their emotions via cultivated self-discipline to produce considered thought and wise, strategic action. 

The Language of Life Series helps leaders and aspiring leaders to cultivate the vital leadership skills of mental discipline, self discipline, emotional discipline, energetic discipline and linguistic discipline through valuable Mental Processing and Behavioural Programming tools. 

Leading by example is the most powerful method of Leadership. By developing leaders to be strong, balanced, respected, inspirational and considered individuals, we impact positively the collective they reach as well as the culture of the organisations they lead.

Leadership coaching, seminars, consulting and intensive retreats can be booked for your leadership and management teams at your offices or delivered online. 

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Language in Organisational Culture

Workplace and Organisational Culture is primarily led by Language and tone of communication. The tone of the Collective Language of a company or organisation can single-handedly decide the difference between a healthy workplace or a toxic environment; between an inspiring, prolific high-productivity workforce or a high-absentee low-productivity team. 

The Language of Life Series of Talks and Workshops offers your company / organisation the opportunity to learn key Language tools to increase employee wellbeing, productivity, staff job-satisfaction and staff-retention as well as Building your organisation into a great place to work.

Lunchtime talks, seminars and workshops can be booked for your staff at your offices with staff team-building retreats available in locations in UK and abroad. 

Language in Relationships

A relationship is the quality of the space between two people, two groups, two organisations, two nations. What we each place into that space-between us depicts the nature and quality of the relationship that we experience.


If we want to Build a relationship we need to invest in learning and utilising Building Behaviours. 


As Language is one of our 3 primary creation behaviours: Relationships are Built or Destroyed primarily through our Language and communication. Careless, unaware or emotional use of language can destroy the very things we love or have dedicatedly worked on or invested in. Aware, disciplined use of language can build a good relationship into a great one and give Life to the things which matter most to us.

In this inspiring Series, gain the tools you need to build your very best relationships in all areas of your life. 

Love and Happiness
The Language of Life: In Retreat

The art of good communication is the bedrock for great leadership, collaboration, successful relationships, and largely contributes to us sustaining and maintaining our inner balance and our personal wellbeing.

Join Five Rings' multi-award winning Founding Coach Kirsty Henderson and renowned Coach, Actor and award-winning Screenwriter Patrick Wilde in Retreat to dive deeply into this innovative and extensive new series of Masterclasses of The Language of Life.


Travel upon a journey through ancient knowledge, the importance of linguistic discipline and its powerful root as a vehicle to master the Whole, and the key relationships between the 3 human faculties of creation: Thought, Speech and Action. 

The Language of Life: In Retreat is an opportunity to take time-out of your day to day to focus inward on developing this spoken key for life which has the ability to positively and radically transform both your inner and outer worlds.  

Learn how by focusing on the development of linguistic discipline we faster reach a greater level of self discipline in all areas of our life, leading to the fulfilment of goals and highly significant improvements in all of our relationships, whether they be at work, home, at leisure or social in our day to day. 

Book 1,3 or 5 Day Private Retreats. Available for private groups, families, corporate and private organisations worldwide. 


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