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FRT Research Institute Programmes

Programmes are written in response to the questions and problems brought to us to solve.

Clients can benefit from the work we have already carried out or commision our team on a particular topic to gain bespoke project specific solutions.


Combat Studies

The body in combat. How the system functions under duress for survival.



Skills-Based Energetic Training

Building neuro pathways and reprogramming mental and physical patterning whilst clearing and strengthening the energetic and physical bodies which is the comprehensive training system written by Five Rings Training and utilized in all of their work.



Connectivity Therapy

Ground-breaking developmental therapy, utilized in our child development and child restorative training programmes.



Autism: Frequency Matters

Energetic assessment and programming case studies.

3 year study into Autism resulting in development programmes for children and home training kits.



i-Systems Training

The Integrating System Training (iST) and Total System Training (TST)

programmes which formed Five Rings Training’s Architecture of the Human System. Built by FRT initially for system-recovery for trauma victims and British Forces returning from tour, the programmes were developed and utilised for elite performance in athletes. Now utlized as the software for all FRT iSpectrum Programming, i-System Training is an intelligent mental, emotional, spiritual and physical programming system used to counter stresses on the body and mind through to elite performance training.



Energetic Blueprinting

A technique for State mapping which allows programmes to be tailored specifically to each individual’s needs.



Human States

A series of lectures which examines Human States individually and collectively covering topics such as trend prediction, identity mapping, settlement concepts and principles of gathering.



Defensive Architecture

How we can successfully utitlize the way we plan and construct our built environment for human and environmental defence.



Gender in Training

Understanding the differences between male and female response mechanisms, emotional constructs and mental patterns in training and learning.



FRT Pedagogies

5 Year Study on effective techniques and programming methods for the passing of knowledge.



Injury Prevention & Preventative Healthcare

Utilizing i-System Training and Total System Training (TST) method of state mapping for injury prevention in athletes and footballers.

Development of the TST software for use in preventative healthcare.



The Body As A Vehicle for Change

This series has been written as a Teaching Curriculum, a book and a series of lectures. 



The Architecture of The Human System

Maps the architecture of the human system to provide a software for recovery, balance, development, healing, advancment and change.



The 7 Stages of Development

This series has been written as a Teaching Programme, a book and a series of lectures. Describes and teaches the 7 Stages of human development, how to benefit your child through their growth in accordance with these stages and how also to revisit them in adult life for personal development and wellbeing.

Mixed Martial Arts London



When we use the word ‘body’ we refer to the collective body of mind, body, soul, energy which make up the human system.


The heart is at the centre of this system and is the system’s correct navigation point.





When we refer to ‘state’ we refer to the condition of the human system at any one point in time.


States are not positive or negative, they are balanced and aligned i.e clear and

connected or unbalanced and unaligned.

[ref: Human States]



States are also categorized as individual, or collective.


Individual states can be affected by the collective.


The collective is affected by the individual.

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