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Five Rings Training Founder Kirsty Henderson
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Architect, Athlete & Coach, FRT Founder Kirsty Henderson brings her extensive studies, knowledge and insights together under one roof at FRT in her collective work of Building: Building learning, building environments, building oneself, and helping to build others.

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Life Architecture


We are all here to build, build lives, legacies and build for others, but most importantly we are here to build ourselves. 

How can we do that if we do not understand our own architecture?

The Life Architecture series begins with a journey through your own human system, explaining its components, its connections and its potentials, so you can understand your own building blocks and the tools you can use for life.


Personal Safety London


Leading Corporate Defence & Security organisation Personal Safety London was set up initially as the recovery and prevention training unit of FRT's lifecycle training spectrum.


Founded by Kirsty Henderson in 2009, the demand for the training and services has been so high that Personal Safety London is now a highly developed security organisation with its own security teams, investigations and cyber security units. PSL also has its own Instructor Training School, a team of internationally acclaimed consultants, and carries out training and security operations worldwide. 



Ma (間) is a Japanese word translated as "the space between two structural parts."


In Japanese Architecture, Ma is used to describe the experiential space or event space between two defining posts: as the experiential space of the tea cerermony, the act defines the spatial parameters rather than the structure defining the parameters of the act.


In Japanese culture, Ma is also the term used to describe the space between two opponents in combat and is the realm in which the combat, interaction, energy and intention takes its place.



The Space Between


In Western Architecture the concept of Ma, the space between has recently been understood as Event Space.


Similarly in Western Culture the concept that our internal states and intentions impact our outer realm and others is finally being grasped, but needs to be taught. Our skills sets, knowledge, understanding and awareness are what equip us to affect, define, direct and impact our outer realm and the lives of others. These are the life skills we need. In Budo training this self responsibility of our actions and outcomes as a product of who we are and what we become is deeply ingrained from the start.



Self Improvement


The more you train, become educated, aware, the more clearly you see the changes within you alter the world around you.


This striving for self improvement at the four levels of education: mental, physical, energetic and spiritual, is a necessity at FRT because by changing the individual, we change the group.

Building Learning

"As an architect I designed and built schools but I couldn't see the clarity in the act unless we changed the people inside them. A well designed building is important but by itself it is not enough. That's when I began to see the need for new curriculum and built a school, in a different way, which would research, focus and develop material for others to learn from."

Budo School, Japan

Kirsty Henderson BArch Hons DiplA (Dist)



Human Development Specialist





Private Advisor & Coach



Founder & Owner: FRT Training & Research Institute

Founder & Leader: Personal Safety London UK





In architecture we study the landscapes of life; cultural, social, economic, political, cultural and religious terrains, we look at how people move and how they gather, how they communicate, build and revolt. These are the matters of the collective. 


At FRT we are concerned with matters of the individual; it's components, their relationships to oneanother, the impact of the lifecycle stages, the influences of the outer environment, the mind and its position as the director, and so forth. Both knowledge sets are needed to correctly programme the human system for change; hence the studies of both individual and collective states.


The mapping undertaken at FRT Research unit, under the Human States studies, has led to the root architecture now used as a software for FRT programmes which work along one human spectrum of recovery, development and change.



Kirsty Henderson has 3 University Degrees and undertook the 7 year training to become an Architect at the prestigious Charles Rennie Mackintosh School of Architecture. Whilst working as an Architect in London she trained dedicatedly in martial arts, fought for the British Squad, became the 1st woman in Britain to attain the grueling Shidokan (Japanese MMA) Black Belt and travelled to Japan where she undertook 2 of her Black Belts and fought 14 of the masters to become ranked top female Shidokan fighter in the world.


On returning to the UK, she became coach to the British Men's Team training them to successful international-championship wins & in her professional life was offered Directorship of one of Europe's leading architecture and construction firms and two of London's principle architectural practices.

Having been highly involved in construction in the UK & Europe, building hospitals, cultural and educational buildings, Kirsty Henderson lectured on Architecture in London and Japan and became involved in curriculum development. In her private studies she undertook extensive training in energetics, psychology, physics, philosophy, theology, nutrition and advanced defence training leading her to gain instructorships in Krav Maga (Israeli Military Defence), Specialist Defence, KEWAP, Weapons Disarment & become a Chief Martial Arts Instructor, a Senior UKMAA Instructor, and founder of Corporate Defence & Security company Personal Safety London. As demands for her teaching increased Kirsty left her career in construction and built Five Rings Training.


Established in 2009, today Five Rings Training works all over the world teaching comprehensive programmes and intensive training in vital life skills, resilience, wellbeing and Human Development Training.

Kirsty Henderson is also the Founder and Director of leading Corporate Defence & Security company Personal Safety London. 



Architect (fully qualified)

Bachelor of Architecture Degree with Honours

Diploma of Architecture with Distinction



Martial Arts, Defence, Security & Combat

Chief Martial Arts Instructor ​

FRT Black Belt Instructor

Shidokan Blackbelt 2nd Dan ​(Japan)

Top World Ranked Shidokan (Japan)​

UKMAA Senior Instructor

MMA Competitive Coach

Top England Coach Award

Chief Self Defence Instructor

​​Krav Maga Instructor

Specialist Defence Instructor

KEWAP Instructor

Defence Consultant

Fully Insured Coach



Kirsty Henderson, BArch Hons DiplA (Dist)

Life, Lifestyle, Wellbeing & Performance

Fully Insured Wellness Consultant

Fully Insured Life & Executive Coach (MAC)

Performance Coach, Member of the Association of Coaching

Mind Body Coaching

Yoga Teacher CYT

Kaiy Yoga (Martial Arts Yoga)

Kiko and Japanese Energetics (plus Reiki Degree)

Reps 3


Previous: Architect & Construction Business Director

Founder & Director: Five Rings Training

Founder & Leader: Personal Safety London

Founder: FRTFA


Enhanced CRB / DBS Checked for working with children.

SIA Licensed




Kirsty Henderson speaks extensively in the subjects of:

  • Human Development

  • Energetics & Human Behaviours

  • Corporate Wellbeing

  • Risk & Analysis

  • Corporate Security

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