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The Five Rings Training Retreats

The Five Rings Training Retreats are fully immersive highly developed human programming and learning opportunities in which you receive the very best of our groundbreaking Coaching, Training and Thinking in an environment which inspires, energises and empowers. Choose from 1, 3 and 5 Day Private Retreats in bespoke content written specifically for you or select from our popular programmes below.

Submerge mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically into our Advanced Thinking and Training Programmes which transform you from inside to out. 

The Language of Life Retreat
Life Architecture Retreat 
Client Experiences
Summer Sea
Above the Clouds

The art of good communication is the bedrock for great leadership, collaboration, successful relationships, and largely contributes to us sustaining and maintaining our inner balance and our personal wellbeing.

Join Five Rings' multi-award winning Founding Coach Kirsty Henderson and renowned Coach, Actor and award-winning Screenwriter Patrick Wilde in Retreat to dive deeply into this innovative and extensive new series of Masterclasses of The Language of Life.


Travel upon a journey through ancient knowledge, the importance of linguistic discipline and its powerful root as a vehicle to master the Whole, learning the key relationships between the 3 human faculties of creation: Thought, Speech and Action. 

The Language of Life: In Retreat is an opportunity to focus inward on developing this spoken key for life which has the ability to positively and radically transform both your inner and outer worlds.  

Learn how with the art of linguistic discipline we faster reach a greater level of self discipline in all areas of our life, leading to the fulfilment of goals and highly significant improvements in all of our relationships, whether they be at work, home, at leisure or social in our day to day. 

Read more about The Language of Life here.

The Life Architecture Retreat teaches the core principles from the Coaching Series and TED Talk The Architecture of The Human System which provides a mapping of the root Architecture of the Spiritual and Physical aspects of of being human. 

Built from deep studies in theology and architecture, human anthropology, social economics, human energetics and human behaviours, this groundbreaking series teaches the core principles necessary to understand our human equation and to healthfully live a divinely connected and meaningfully fulfilling life. 

On this Retreat you will journey deeply into core knowledge, ancient eastern training and daily physical-spiritual practice, theological discussion, philosophy, psychology, mindset training and gain a rich understanding of what makes us who we are and how we are, opening your world view to vastly higher perspectives and presenting you with the opportunity for mindful and empowering change. 


This is deep learning in an immersive environment with both fascinating group sessions and hugely empowering one to one coaching. 

Book as a group and benefit from pre-retreat consultations and after-Retreat educational support. 

The Sacred Way Retreat 
Walking in Nature

Outlasting is our groundbreaking new programme in human endurance. What makes some people outlast adversity more than others?

It's more than mindset. 

It's more than training. 

It's more than breathing.


In this fascinating Coaching & Retreat Series we teach game-changing tactics for Human Endurance, transitional strategies for those facing life changes such as career change, injury or transitioning out of military service or high level performance athlete careers, and provide real sustainable solutions for continuing to thrive regardless of the challenge. 

Who is it for?

Anyone who is seeking a master-suite of life tools for navigating significant change and challenge. 

The Sacred Day Coaching & Retreat Series is a deliciously rich, deeply spiritual, holistic and immersive journey into ancient wisdom and wellbeing practices, daily habits for life betterment, and a guided route into a Way of Being which addresses the callings of the Soul. 

Delivered as 1, 3 and 5 Day Immersive Retreats, this Series includes:

The Sacred Day

The Sacred Body

The Sacred Space

The Sacred Way

Expertly structured, this Retreat begins before you travel with private One to One Consultations to deliver on-location both a fascinating group experience and a highly tailored personal journey which brings about lasting and empowering change. 

The Spiritual Life Retreat
The Martial Way Retreat
Clouds and Sunset

What does it mean to live a Spiritual Life?

In the fast paced, chaotic and often dark experience of modern day to day living, how can we infuse our daily routine with light and spiritual purpose?

At a time when there is so much turmoil in the world, how do we keep in the light, hold faith and keep hope in a way that enlightens our beings and helps inspire and teach those we love and who rely upon us?

The Spiritual Life Retreat Series delves deeply into what it means to be a spiritual being living in today's human world and teaches key daily practices, principles and perspectives to help bring spiritual balance into your life to uplift, increase and enlighten. 

Fascinating and thought provoking this is an intricately programmed rich immersive experience of group sessions, talks, discussions, exercises and daily practices which give you take-away tools for bringing spirituality into your home, your relationships, your work, your communication and your Way of Life.

Beautiful, peaceful, serene and highly intellectual, this is a spa for the Soul. 


The Martial Way Retreat is a martial arts retreat like no other. 

Suitable for both beginner and seasoned martial artists this Retreat teaches deeply the core un-told teachings of ancient martial arts practices to bring a deeper layer and master-class level to your training and daily Way of Being. 

Learn about the hidden energetics of kihon, kata, bunkai and kumite. Study the connection between intention, visualisation, flow, ki and physical application. Advance your nutrition and your daily training habits and schedules with proven competitive training camp techniques. 

Experience in-depth fight technician sessions to raise your game to the next level and learn from competitive coaches who have taken fighters to national and world championship wins. 

This is a fully immersive expertly programmed training Retreat with both group and individual coaching sessions running throughout.

Available for booking for your group, and by invitation-only. 

How To Book The Five Rings Training Retreats
  1. Contact us by phone or email: 0203 642 0872 or

  2. We'll help advise on the Retreat which is right for you.
  3. Pick your preferred dates and location for your private group, family or company.

  4. We'll email your personalised Retreat Information Pack to share with your group. 

  5. On the run up to your Retreat you will be assigned your very own Retreat Manager to help, assist and answer all your questions.


"It was more than I expected."

"Thank you. It was magical." 

"Was amazing. Thank you." 

"The coaching was outstanding."

"Loved it."

"The coaching was excellent."

"Great balance: physical, discussion and time for reflection."

"It was really well balanced: interactive, educational and energising."


"My favourite aspect of the retreat was how holistic the experience was." 

"It was immersive and incredibly effective."

"Loved the down to earth approach." 

"The coaching we received was superb. Very professional but modestly delivered, hIghly attuned to our needs and levels."

"Kirsty is / was throughout the retreat an outstanding physical and life coach."

"I enjoyed every minute of it." 


"I feel I learnt a lot about myself"

"There was a good flow and it was also fascinating"

"It was interesting, inspiring, engaging and very well structured."

"The amount of time per exercise worked well. Diet was effortless and fantastic."

"I greatly enjoyed the retreat."

"Everything had shape and focus and everyone had a feeling of safety in which to express themselves, learn and share."


"Kirsty is a wonderful coach. She opened up ways of thinking about new possibilities that I never before would have thought about."  

"I'm very grateful for the coaching I received, It was given with so much kindness and understanding. And I would highly recommend it."

"When you engage Kirsty on a project you don’t get an off the shelf solution; what you get is an energetic business partnership where through careful consultation ambitions are discussed, thoughts are challenged, creativity intensified and paradigms are blown out the window.” 

"Kirsty is quite simply one of the most multi talented individuals I have encountered who most importantly delivers and then some."

"Kirsty's insight and knowledge, particularly in areas of energetic and human behaviour has simply been invaluable."

"Kirsty and Andrej are true professionals."

"This programme I truly think has shifted my foundations in a life- changing way"

"I learned game-changing advice I’d never heard before"

"Kirsty understands how paramount taking care of your mind, body and spirit is and has infinite wisdom in this field."

"I have found the course to be transformative and nourishing. I have loved every minute of what it offers"


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