The Unseen
Space Between
Inner Outer Power        
FRT Energetics

Energy is everything. From the quality of your own energy, to that of others and the environments we live in, energetics affect our worlds every day in every way. 

The unseen space in which mind, body, soul, intention come together to define life.

Human Energetics

In Human Energetics, energy is the bind of the body to the soul.


When we are training at Five Rings we are specifically concerned with the relationship between body and soul, and train with the intention to increase the connectivity between both.

If energy is the binding, then we want the quality of that bind to be as strong, clear and focused as possible. 


As Humans we are both physical and spiritual: our body is physical, our soul is spiritual. Our energetics is where our physical and spiritual meet. We therefore need to cultivate an awareness of this connection and understand fully how the quality of our energy has both physical and spiritual impacts on ourselves and others. 


Connection is crucial. We use physical and mental training techniques to change the quality of the energy to create a stronger connection between body and soul.


With training techniques which map the system together and build on connectivity we can better connect to our dreams, goals, passions, drive as well as nurture our inner strength both physically and metaphysically to produce groundbreaking results.

The Importance of Energetic Training

Energetic Training is an advanced form of training which uses a spiritual physical mapping of the body to better health, performance, emotional wellbeing, behavioural awareness and mental focus.


Involving key techniques you can easily apply to daily life and practice, application of energetics training reaches far beyond previous accomplishments in health, wellbeing and performance.


Whether you are seeking to reach world championship level, win at your hobby or race, be a better player for your team or raise your game in all areas of your life, it is important to understand the comprehensive approach required to be your best.

The School of Energetics

Benefit from personalised One to One Training, Corporate and Team Seminars or learn personally online with the extensive subjects available at our School of Energetics www.fiveringsenergetics.com 


For teams, subject-specific modules offer learning opportunities for all team members, key players, coaches and managers and implement these new aspects of training into current programmes and schedules in a complimentary and beneficial way.


At Five Rings Training we use Energetics as the underpinning to all our work. 

We specialise in its use in the following areas:

  • Athlete Training

  • Performance Coaching

  • Personal Health & Wellbeing

  • Relationships & Communication

  • Business

  • Injury Prevention

  • Preventative Healthcare

  • Autism

  • PTSD Recovery

  • Defence & Security

  • Human Advancement Studies

  • Mind & Body

  • Martial Arts & Yoga


Private Learning


One to One Coaching sessions

  • Video analysis

  • Skype coaching

  • Physical Training 

  • Online Coaching & Learning

Team Coaching


Athletes and Corporate Teams


  • Intensive Workshops

  • Seminars

  • Talks

  • Onsite Coaching

  • Private Consulting 

  • Online Training

Seminars & Talks


  • The Competitive Mindset 

  • Energetic Training

  • Connectivity Therapy

  • Integrative System Training

  • Injury Prevention, Recovery & Stress Management

  • Leadership and Athlete / Team Management

  • Rebalancing the System

  • Whole Body Wellness

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