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Private Advising & Mentoring

Private Advising and Mentoring at Five Rings Training is a great way to access the wealth of knowledge available at the FRT Institute in a highly accessible way which is directly relevant to you and your current experiences.

Through weekly One Hour online live sessions with your Private Advisor and on-call options for call-in and email support, you can develop your awareness, skillsets, strategic thinking and wellbeing all in alignment with your current lifestyle without having to take specific time-out to pursue a particular course topic.

Spanning across all the FRT knowledge base you'll gain insights, knowledge and know-how on how to approach work, wellness and life matters from a higher perspective. You will learn to elevate your thinking and your conversation, and to apply new tools and skills immediately to whatever you are facing, building or experiencing, whilst being fully-supported by your own dedicated Private Advisor.

"Private Advising is an important genre of the Coaching work we do at FRT Institute. It allows our clients to access the knowledge and advice across sectors and subjects which are appropriate to them within a relevant timeframe. This enables the client to access the information which will help them in the here and now, without the client having to embark on longer term topic-based learning or take specific time-out of their daily commitments to further educate, which is a time-luxury many cannot afford. Guiding our clients this way enables them, and their ventures, to immediately thrive.
The simultaneous imparting of core and relevant knowledge, with the provision of unwavering support, helps guide our clients, with ease and greater potential, to travel through the natural events of their lifecycle and helps to significantly increase the quality of their performance and interactions within the arenas of work, sport, business, politics, home and relationships, whilst fortifying their own inner balance, spiritual strength and core wellbeing." Kirsty Henderson, Principle Coach

Private Advising is available to everyone and can be accessed from anywhere in the world via live online video sessions, audio calls and private podcasts with email support, so who are the team currently working with?

"I am working mostly with successful individuals who want to go to the next level and have a more integrated experience across all areas of their life; international political figures, correspondents, business start-ups, owners and leaders, professional athletes, high profile individuals in the public eye, sector professionals and company directors. The teams are currently mentoring and supporting young adults particularly those leaving school and those focusing on the transition periods of home-to-university and pathways to work, as well as working with international private families across a diverse range of topics." Kirsty Henderson, Principle Coach

If you've ever wanted to learn more but don't have the time to undertake subject specific courses, contact to find out how Private Advising can work for you.

Private Advising is highly discrete, with complete client confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements.

Fees start at £375 Online Advising and standard coaching and in-person workshop fees apply. T&Cs apply.

Bookings are bespoke and are offered in sets of 1 Hour, 15 Hours, 40 Hours and 100 Hours, following an initial free Consultation.

"Kirsty has walked side by side with me on my journey of entrepreneurialism" Private Client of Private Advising & Business Coaching

"When you engage Kirsty on a project you don’t get an off the shelf solution; what you get is an energetic business partnership where through careful consultation ambitions are discussed, thoughts are challenged, creativity intensified and paradigms are blown out the window” Private Client of Private Advising

"Kirsty took on the role of a mentor, sounding board and wise council helping me to transform a fairly standard business plan into a living and breathing business profile." Private Client of Private Advising & Business Mentoring

"Due to a very strong recommendation, I approached Kirsty to assist me in building a new business venture that I wanted to imminently set up. Kirsty is quite simply one of the most multi talented individuals I have encountered who most importantly delivers on her word and then some. I really look forward to our next business collaboration." Private Client of Private Advising & Business Coaching

Kirsty Henderson Coaching
Private Advising & Mentoring
@ FRT Training & Research Institute


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